Jal and Atif: Who is Worse

December 30, 2008

When the overrated song “addat” came out I used to wonder who among them made the great song of that time. Who among them would be the better one, the real one behind the song.

Now, few years have passed and both artists came up with couple of albums. The Jal/Atif competition and controversy remained. Both artists kept fighting, but i believe their fight was for who will come up with worse music. Atif on one hand tried to be the rock artist which he isn’t and can’t be while Jal on the other, couldn’t make lousier album than “Sajni”.

I believe to have one of the largest Pakistani Rock collection and i officially QUIT Atif and Jal till they stop fighting for worse music. I have not put any of their albums and I wont. The only songs that i did put are cover songs requested by my visitors. They don’t need any promotion. They should be brought down by us. They don’t deserve the fame they have. Artists like Abbas Ali khan,Aunty Disco Project (ADP), Mauj, Zeb and Haniya
should be up there. When would we start getting fair with our country and our people?

If i had to decide who wins this fight to substandard music,then Atif does. After Mumbai blasts, Jal canceled their tour to India in protest of all the accusations. On other hand Atif moved out to India despite of all the tensions.Is he a true Pakistani? Jal is overrated but Pakistani still people love Atif for being a substandard musician and a bad Pakistani?