Rock music and Pakistan

December 29, 2008

Pakistani musicians specifically of the genre rock are said to be Asia’s best. Some American author (I don’t remember the name of the guy) traveled throughout the world to search for his soul mate music. He traveled places, learned about cultures,listened their music,wrote his book and concluded that Pakistani rock is the best rock music in Asia. In Muslim countries he rated Pakistan as first while Iran and Turkey were runner ups. That is how a foreigner respected us for something great we did and our own Pakistanis didn’t.

I have always been a fan of Pakistani rock music. I clearly remember when i was 13, always wanted to play guitar, my parents not letting me buy one and asking me to grab my books and concentrate on them since i had to end up an engineer or doctor. That was the time when i started listening to Pakistani rock music. Different from our cultural music, with thrashing guitars,distortions,heavy drum rolls but still truly Pakistani with truly Pakistani rock feel and essence,truly urdu. Only that is why the author thought we were the best. Pakistani rock,always been original,always been Pakistani. Back then i used to listen to one of the Hyderabad based bands called Positive. Whenever i think about that song “Rastoon pe bikhre“,”Roz-e-azal” i actually feel like being 13 sitting on the same couch on the same night when i was having my final exams and my ears mesmerized by the great music created by those youngsters. After an year their 6 singles were out, album was soon to be released and they “DISAPPEARD”. Now, after 5 years when i could finally talk to the bassist of the band, he told me the band has 46 singles at the moment and is not planning to release album. Their music is solely for their souls and those who buy tickets to their concerts to throw stuff at them and rape young girls do not deserve their music. He further said that their 2/3 videos were banned which were Roz-e-azal & Kaise Jiyoon. Roz-e-azal was made AGAINST child molestation and Kaise Jiyoon was made on Drugs AWARENESS. The Pakistani government or the censorship authority whoever that was finds it offensive to aware young people from dangers of drugs or to put some light on important issues like child molestation. That is how we ourselves crush our people and promote those who actually molest children. Neiter the vulgar mujras in Pakistani movies got banned nor the R18 adult late night cinema shows. But someone who worked against them got banned.

Amir zaki came, played for vital signs, did hundreds of projects, got the status of best Pakistani guitarist, best Pakistani bassist and the guy is underground. Faraz anwar another best and another underground. Hundreds came, some got banned, some got disrespected and that is how we love to destroy ourselves.

ps: This was my first writing. Ignore my mistakes.