Ganda Banda and 3D Cats

January 21, 2009

Ganda Banda and 3D (3 Dead) cats was formed in 1996 by Ali, Babar, Ahmed and Rizwan, students of Indus Valley School of Arts-Karachi. The band released album in 2005 which had 4 original and 5 cover tracks. Later the band broke up and Ali went solo. He did a song “Kachwa Bachao” for WWF (World Wild Federation). Now, Ali hosts a show “Musicology” on City fm89. He is currently working on his solo album and has recently hired a new manager. Ali and Ganda banda have been one of my favorite artists. Raat Jaagi, Tu Na Ho Mere Pass and Dhoonda Taroon Mai are my personal favorite tracks by the band. He is also hillirious blog writer. I am posting some videos of the band

Kachwa Bachao

Raat Jaagi:

Tu na ho mere pass

Raat Jagi & Taray – Ali Alam & ADP (Aunty Disco Project) at Indus Vally 2-3-2008

Ali Alam at T2F 3 Acoustic Performances‏