KM updates

Few more updates have been made today including Amir Zaki, Furqan Ali Shah, Needlework, Arwa, Zameer, Rohail Hyatt, Fatima Quershi, Myra Iqbal, Dye corduroy , Ali Hamza and Imran Lodhi

Amir Zaki:
7 songs by Amir Zaki

For Coltrane
Friends For Life
I Love You Forever
Some Other Groove
Spiritual And Material
The Centre Of My Being

Furqan Ali Shah:
21 songs by Furqan Ali Shah

Are You Shredding Tonite
Eleven Eight [part1]
Eleven Eight [part2]
Endless Autumn
Forgiven Is Forgotten
Jimmy Page Meets Hendrix
Suspended Particle
The Bitter End
The Weeping Fiddler
Wake Up

Arwa abid:
22 songs by Arwa Abid

Brown Eyed Girl [Van Morrison cover]
Dont Know Why Norah Jones [cover]
Grey Rain
Hallelujah [strummed] – rufus wan wright [cover]
Just like heaven [Katie melua cover]
Killing me softly
Kiss Me [cover]
Lady luck [Unfinished work]
Like Blood Like Honey [cover]
Loss of words
Love’s Hate
Mess you made
Move on
Say Its Possible [cover]
So Beautiful [cover]
Still come back home to you [demo]
Sunrise Norah Jones [cover]
To Watch You Finally Go
With or Without You [Violen Instrumental U2 cover]
Arwa n E – Sacrifice [unfinished 1st version]
Arwa n E – Sacrifice
Arwa n Momina Mustehsan – Collide [howie day cover]

2 songs by Zameer

Last Conversation
Queen Of Diamonds

Rohail Hyatt:
1 song

Fertility Dance

Fatima Quershi:
13 songs by Fatima Quershi

Black curtain
Coffee and cigarettes
Golden sunlight
Green lagoon
Love song – [Cure cover]
My Immortal [Cover]
State of mind
Zombie [cranberries cover]
Fatima and Arwa – Everywhere – Michelle branch [cover]
Medley [Live in School]
Lightning Crashes

Myra Iqbal:
8 songs by Myra Iqbal

Anyone Else But You [cover]
Follow Corduroy feat.Myra Iqbal
Khwab [cover]
Khwab [the new version]
May Be Life Is A Reason
Upwards Over The Mountain

Ali Hamza:
4 songs

Gawal Mandi
Long Gone Days
Marey Kakya

Imran Lodhi:
3 songs

Sar Phira
Meri Jaan