Kostal: Omran’s Hip Hop Project

Kostal is Hip Hop/R&B project by Omran Shafique (aka Momo) of Mauj. Omran says band is mixture of R&B with desi beats, french raps, arabic(rai). He started this project back there at Texas.
Kostal began when Taha Malik(aka Desi Texan) DJ/Producer met Omran to help him record his album for the band mauj. Omran kept working on various projects. He worked with Uk based pakistani band co-ven initially before shifting to Pakistan. While working with Taha, he started taking interest in his projects and recorded a song with Taha “Jan Jayee“. Omran later shifted to Pakistan to release videos for mauj. Omran played for lots of girls, played for Zeb & Haniya, Maryam Kizilbash, Naveen Waqar (vj fuse), Ayesha Omar. He also played for Ali Azmat’s album Klashinfolk. So, ultimately he got busy with lots of projects and couldn’t give much time to kostal. Now, he is working for kostal again and releasing the album soon. You rock Omran and i am desperately waiting for the album.