Tribute to Vital Signs: Abbas Ali khan

January 23, 2009

Vital Signs” was the best damn thing that happened to Pakistan. Every time I listen to them I realize Junaid Jamshed was the best vocalist we ever had. Extremely talented and creative musicians like Amir Zaki and Rohail Hyatt played for the band and what hurts me the most is that they are gone. It was a great loss and I see myself in a lot of pain lately. It’s good to see artists like Abbas Ali Khan and Nauman Khalid paying tribute to them by covering their songs. However, I believe Nauman Khalid couldn’t to justice with the song Aitebar. Abbas Ali Khan’s covers that he did for pakmusic are appreciable and i do like them and would recommend them too.


Chehra (Tribute To VS)

Yaarian (Vital signs Cover) ft Waleed