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February 20, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire: A Disappointment!
Slumdog Millionaire Poster
Just finished watching Slumdog Millionaire. What the hell was it?

I try my best to be pretty less critical about most of the stuff I see. I even watched 8 seasons of “Charmed” and have enjoyed lots of chick flicks….

I went to cinemas in Delhi and saw movies that I would never dare to buy as DVDs in Pakistan, and still came out feeling my money’s well spent, if not for anything but the impact and ambience of the cinema hall and sound etc.

But with this movie I simply felt disturbed. Please don’t for a minute think that the depiction of the slums disturbed me. I have been to India enough to breathe the poverty in (one big reason why my love for Pakistan just does not cease to diminish) .

..what was it it…i can’t seem to place it…

For starters the movie is surely too damn overrated. Secondly I smell serious propaganda here… is this a primer of the “real” India for the West?

And considering the western response in the form the massive oscar nominations blah ..blah blah…it just goes to show that westerners seem a bit too over excited by their new found insight…Its like they discovered Yoga or Kama Sutra all over gain!!!

Waisay goron ki simplicity ka andaza un ki countries mein hi ja kar  hota hai…correct me if I am wrong.

I did not get the English being spoken by the Slumdogs!!!

Kya bakwas!!!

Although the end seemed a bit better but overall the movie really ticked me off..

The cinematography was awesome though…what amazing and difficult shots
The acting for the kids was very good.

Khair yeh movie aik test hai…dekhain goron ki tarha hum mien se kaun kitna impress hota hai?


Ali Noor

P.s. There is another movie I saw called Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! which seemed a bit similar to me. I found this movie to be much much better…I just loved the extremely amazing depiction of the punjabi culture in India…seemed a lot real and coherent…apparently inspired from true events. Do check it out and let me know

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