Another Bollywood single by Call the band (xulfi) – Dhadke Jiya Ye Rasta

Xulfi has once again made a song for an indian movie called “Aloo Chaat”. The video teaser is out on Tv channels. The song ofcourse sucked like previous two but better than them. I was seeing call on channel “Play” yesterday on “PMC (Pakistan Music Charts)” with their PMC sponsored toys in their hands and their bollywood songs being played at the back, dancing and enjoying their patheticism. The band call is nothing but a complete waste on society I am glad they did make some bucks during this course of transition from rock to bollywood.

Download: Aloo Chaat – Dhadhke Jiya Ye Rasta (teaser)

I wouldn’t have hated the song this much if it was by someone else but Call i expected different.