Farah Zala

Farah Zala - Twist of Fate

Farah Zala - Twist of Fate

From the very beginning music has been a part of her realm. Farah was hypnotized by the magic of music at a very early age. Her gift is inherited from her Mother who is an East African/Indian Gospel Singer/Songwriter.  Born and raised in Vancouver, BC Canada, you could hear Farah’s voice, untamed and immature reciting hymns with no precedent to traditions…she sang with a different swagger and added elements of distinction heard in her music today.

In 2006, Farah released her debut album “Twist of Fate” and has been independently promoting her music in venues all across Chicago, LA, Canada, Pakistan and India. In 2008, she recorded and wrote on an Indian track with English lyrics titled “Bandeya Ho”  soon becoming a recognized talent in India. The song was the theme title track for a controversial movie called “Khuda Key Liye” also known as” In the Name of God” . The movie was an international hit creating a buzz and added exposure for Farah.


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