Ali Hamza’s latest Blog Entries: Quotable Quotes & A New Beginning!

April 5, 2009

Quotable Quotes

April 2, 2009

“Every now and then, we sit back and take account of our lives.
It’s like an exercise we have to undertake for moving forward…
Some of us do this more, some less..
But nonetheless, we do it!”
– Grenid Dwirkly

“Falling in love is way quicker than falling out of it. You fall at once but it takes a lifetime to get back on your feet!”
– Walter Styleman

“Commitment becomes Responsibility becomes Obligation becomes Burden!”
– Judith Bentley : ‘Idealism and Self Indulgence – A Psychoanalysis’ (Title for Chapter 3)

“Revolution is the completion of one cycle, It’s evolution that runs the show!’
– Babar Leghari

“There are those who communicate to fulfil their needs and then there are the few who do it for others!”
– Mark Appolo : ‘Political Warfare’

“I wanna name my kid Sardar Mohammed Ram Masih”
– Ali Hamza discussing religion with this Naqaab wearing chick

A New Beginning!

April 1, 2009

What a ‘cliched’ title for a comeback!

But it’s quite true!! I have decided to go the tech savvy way!

Now the question is how fast and how comprehensively can I do this? ;)

I should be writing about all that has happened over the time I’ve been away! ….
But sometimes I question if that really matters? And this is one of those moments!

But the point is my friends that I have a Blackberry! So I want to experiment with it!
Quite a gadget it is :) … Has its limitations.. Yet there is a lot to discover within it :)
And I’ll stop marketting here!

This is a new writing experience. No spell checks.. A little more spontaneity… Still learning how to write… I know that soon I’ll be doing a lot more than this ;)

At the same time I have to say something about all that has been happening.

Coke studio has been one heck of an experience! I fell in love there!… With an american banjo ;) … Got to see the cream of our industry working together… And I must say we have quite a versatile pool of extremely talented artists in this country…

Much more than that, I saw genuine concern about our present situation, and a drive to do something about it!
… And the drive in this case was to work hard towards setting new, higher, quality standards for a Pakistani product! Something that will make us known in a different and positive capacity.

There is a renewed optimism in me about where we’re heading as a country :)

And that’s why I say it’s a new beginning! ;)

I have a lot more to say. But the PR people for Coke Studio have put a curb on me!

But fear not… It will happen very soon so keep in touch ;)

Meanwhile I will try and bore you with some other random talk!

Until next time…. ;)