Freestylers Co. [KM Exclusive Launch]

final“Lahore say Karachi chalday saddi Geet…Freestylers di reet haar wich wi Jeet”

Freestylers Co
Freestylers Entertainment.

Yes people do call us different,fanatics and imaginative psychos and to be honest We are !
If bringing down a revolution and making and organizing a group which has only Three individuals who do Rap and Hip-Hop,Make short films,Know professional music production and do film-making and have enough experience and contacts to pull off big events,gigs and gatherings THEN YES WE ARE WHAT PEOPLE CALL US !

Created,Owned and Runned by
Hashim Bukhari (CroXX B)
Mubashir Naeem Butt (Rapp.o.lutionary)
Hamza Asad (DOC)


And a little brief history…
It all started when Pakistan was hit with the rap and hip-hop culture and a whole Wanna-be culture got birth.Hashim Bukari called X-Game then now called CroXX B started a small orkut community to battle other Pk’s small time textees.The main oppponent being D.R (Desi Rappers).It was all good and CroXX B never thought that this Fun-to-do-thing would one day give birth to a Whole New Era Of Media Revolution.So it all went along CroXX B made his own Rap group called Dillenger Gang and started amatuer audio making.With least softwares,no knowledge and the cheapest equipment he was still able to rip off Many Great Gangsta Rap Tunes of the Time.Then a major change took place.When Young Snake Now Rapp.o.lutionary joined the clan in 2006 and gave it a fresh start.But came huge beefs with a famous community and group H.I.S.Which F.$.C totally crushed with the harshest disses heard in PK.With Rappo came many musical advancements as he was determined to provide Studio-Like quality with the least equipement avalible.From Slaughter & Game Part One to Shake it,Shake it.Our tracks and their Lyrical,musical and overall quality has advanced at lightspeed.So now with Rappo F.$.C became harsher and more productive and advanced not only in Music but also in Video production and other Media oriented Projects.From best diss tracks to most advanced quality and euipment now avalible on the streets for home recording.We are back and with the Introduction of DOC the P.R and contacts were greatly increased.And with DOC being the media manager we are heavier than ever.
From performing at BLL (Beaconhouse Liberty) Lahore to TRG’s (The Resource Group) annual employee day.But their biggest yet most anticipated achievement is getting 2nd position at the Lums Olympiad 2009 battling against 16 bands including a Rap and Hip group from Bahria Uni Isl named R.E (Rap Engineers).Although been in the Rap and Hip Hop Scene for quite a long time but Freestylers Co started to perform live recently.In just 5 months Freestylers Co have performed several times which include:-
Freestylers Co performed at the Beaconhouse Liberty Campus on the 24 of Dec 08.

Freestylers Co Performed at the Lahore School Of Fashion Design on 14 Feb 09

Freestylers Co Performed at the Resource Academia’s Annual Function on 16 Feb 09

Freestylers Co Performed at TRG Employees Day 09 at Liberty Castle on 22nd Feb 09

Freestylers Co Performed at the LSE (Lahore School Of Economics) Talent Hunt Competition on 7th March 09.

Freestylers Co Just made it clear to the Whole World that They are the best when it comes to Rap and Hip-hop in Pakistan.We fought against 16 bands from all over Pakistan and secured the 2nd POSITION at THE LUMS OLYMPIAD 09 MUSIC BAND CATEGORY.
So much that even EP(Entity Paradigm who re-united that very day at the final concert) came on stage and said “Those 3 rap boys.They kicked ass”.

16 bands.
We secured 2nd position.
This is just the beginning.

—————————————————————————————————- (Vids from Lums Olympiad 09) (Facebook Group Do Join It !) (Our Music Page)

Album and Video Coming Fall 2009

“For Bookings,Band Info,Event Management & Gigs please contact Manager Humza Asad (DOC) at 0300-4795054”
“Let haters be your haters,Because those same haters become your fame donators”

P.S Special Mentions and people to remember.GIVE IT UP FOR:-
1.Tupac Amaru Shakur(Late).The only human from whom we got inspired
2.The Game
3.50 Cent(Yep we like him.Fuck yaw’ll haters)
4.Bohemia(No doubt the Punjabi Rap the Badshah)
5.Biggie Smalls(Learned a lot from this Fat Motherfucka)
6.Hamad From Koolmuzone and the whole Koolmuzone team(They are the first ones to give us this oppurtunity.Thanks a lot)
7.Builder aka Khubaib(Our Security)
8.Lassi(Da Killer)Ahahahaahahahah
9.Umair Hashmi(BOUYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY and Full time Supporter.Baby we got affiliations even in Australia)
10.Asad Virk and Janjua(Our those supporters whom we even didnt know before but it was them who recorded the whole Olympiad scene)
11.Zain Dada from Karachi(Chaddi Buddy)
12.Cock and Bull Lahore(Humara Nasha)

And last but not least Jayden James,Shawna Lenee,Kim Kardashian and a lotta other beautiful women.Who actually made us calm down when we were messed up(ahahahahaha)

Videos from LUMS Olympiad:

Freestylers Ent.