KM Exclusive Launch – Hamza Jameel

hamzaHamza Jameel is a 25 year old freelance music producer from Canada. He has worked on projects locally in the city of Calgary, Alberta. Hamza has performed at over twenty concerts in Canada. One of them being a live representation of Pakistani music at a UN hosted event. He is now close to completion of his first solo album called Kal.



Exclusive interview of Hamza:

 KOOLMUZONE: How long you have been involved in media?

Hamza: I have been in the music industry for over 5 years.

KOOLMUZONE: What had inspired you in making music?

Hamza: I started playing keyboards at age 5. I use to listen to Vital Signs, Zoheb Hasan and other Pakistani artists. At that young age, I was always interested in playing their tunes and learnt how to play “Dil Dil Pakistan”. My father was very thrilled to hear me play the keyboard. Ever since that time, he has motivated, encouraged, and supported me with music. I have always felt a deep connection with the musical concepts. I have observed that I always am short of the musical knowledge, no matter how much I better my skills. The learning curve keeps me motivated, therefore being my biggest inspiration.


KOOLMUZONE: How has your experience with Pakistani media been so far?

Hamza: There is always room for starters no matter what industry or profession you’re in. Although I feel that the Pakistani media is at its strongest in this decade, I have not involved myself with the Pakistani media until now. I had originally thought about releasing my album through Pakistani labels but being in Canada makes it a bit of a long term goal. Koolmuzone has offered me a great opportunity to go live in the Pakistani media. I feel this is a good place to start.


KOOLMUZONE: What about your music education?

Hamza: I have never had any education when comes to music. However, I have alway had a strong ear for music. I have never been able to decide if education would make for a good theoretic base, or result in restrictions over my ideas. I have never had any problems with the self-learnt concepts and that has surely worked for me so far. When it comes to a strong ear, I would like to list a few titles – Faraz Anwar, Meekal Hassan, Junoon, Dream Theatre, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Al Di Meola and Yanni. I have always looked up to these guys whenever it comes to any musical techniques.


KOOLMUZONE: Tell us about your recordings (describe your style and every recording)?

Hamza: The recordings happen in my home-based studio that I got built a while ago. I like to write music during night times usually. Dim lights and locking myself down in the studio naturally turns into creative idea, and nevertheless, a potential track for the album. Recording happens in the morning time. I go for the vocals around ‘noonish’. And finish up at about 4pm… Mixing goes next and so forth with the mastering the next day with a set of fresh ears.


KOOLMUZONE: What we can expect from you in future?

Hamza: The tracks being put out on Koolmuzone are a few tracks from the album called Kal. The album contains ten tracks. A few tracks a pending completion. Once complete, I would surely be making a trip down to Pakistan for signing with labels, hopefully. I am committed to providing a great musical experience for all types of audiences in Pakistan. Although it’s a long journey, I am yet up for taking such a challenge.


KOOLMUZONE: Which is your personal favourite from all the songs you have sung and composed so far and why?

Hamza: I believe that any tracks by any artist are like their children and are all favorites to them. If I were to choose any one of them, I would pick Bewafa Bar Inc… That is because of its soft feel, a bit of melody and a decent format. Although, the one thing I would change about that song would the title.


KOOLMUZONE: What are your views on work for the upcoming bands/artists. Any message?

Hamza: I think this is a great platform for the upcoming bands and artists from the UG (underground). Myself being one of them at this point, I think it would serve many UG’s as a great platform for exposure in the Pakistani music industry. The administration at Koolmuzone has been very cooperative. The site is very up to date with the news, and has an emerging hype to it. That has and will surely serve this newly developed portal with an impressive amount of traffic.


Wishing Koolmuzone all the best and happy listening,