Qayaas ‘Blog’ – City FM 89 Experience By Khurram Waqar

QayaasCity FM 89 Experience
The Isloo City FM 89 experience was a good experience indeed. It was probably the first time that a whole band was playing in their funky studio. They initially had planned for 3 members but when we told them that all of us would be coming, they had to make adjustments in order to accomodate us. Thx to Anita for being supportive of the idea. They only had 3 dynamic mikes so we decided to bring in our mixer to set up ovehead codensers to catch the band performance in true stereo mode. It was a jungle of cables, mikes and acoustic guitars in there. We decided to move the chairs out and play standing and thx again to the whole FM 89 crew for going out of their way to accomodate us. Bissam was a great host setting the right tone for things to come. The sound of the band in the studio was rocking but when we started playing Tanha,for some odd reason, the sound in the control room got all distorted.  Thats what I gathered with all the signalling going on back and forth between the control room and studio.It was kind of distracting as we were playing but added to the whole live vibe.The crew did their best to bring it under control but as I listen to the recording over the air, the sound is very distorted and you cannot make out much. This was the case with all the songs we performed live. The sound while we talked though was coming out fine. Bissam was very humble in saying that they were facing some technical difficulties and next time this will not be the case. So hopefully we shall be visiting the FM89 studios again very soon minus the technical glitches and perform an acoustic set. We did record the sound in the studio as well which is quite good and will upload that in the near future. In the end thx to the whole FM89 team and to all of you who caught us live and sent in their messages. Keep rocking.