starbuzz: Schaz’s debut album out soon

April 12, 2009

Schaz’s debut album out soon

The latest news on the music front is that singer Schaz will be releasing her debut album very soon.

When approached, she said the album is heavy on production value as the top musicians of the country have played on it such as Aamir Zaki, Shallum (lead guitar), Russel (bass) and also Omar Bilal Akhtar, while Emad has been perfect with the saxophone along with doing the music on the entire album. All the songs are written and composed by Schaz except for Hamain Kya Ho Gaya, which is written and composed by Emad.

“The genre of the album is a bit difficult to trace as you will find elements of both rock and pop in it. The lyrics are strong and meaningful. All the songs are mostly about love but with a very distinct and modern sound,” she said.
Schaz added that has a lot of expectations from the album as she has put her heart out in the vocals, fusing western influences with Urdu numbers.

Her earlier controversial hit Jalan will no doubt bag more attention as Schaz introduced herself into the mainstream music industry with it, but the rest of the songs in the album also stand their ground. “Each and everyone who has ever loved in his life will relate to this album, while those who are still strangers to the emotion will want to love after listening to Jalan. — S.Zia

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