Black Hole – Qin Ai De (Dead Darling)

blackholeLead/Rhythms:Osama Jabbar aka OJK
Disk Jokey: Syed Usman Iqbal aka DJ Maan
Session Player: Wang Yi
Keyboards: Baitao
Vocals/Lyrics: Moazzam Khan aka M.K.
Dholak/Table: Suman

Song History: This song is dedicated to my dead darling “SU LIN” who was shot in a pub in 2005 Hong Kong. We will alwayz love you. You will always be in our memory.Your soul has been injected in this song. Hope your listening to it from Heavens.

Band History:

The Band “BLACK HOLE” fuses a state of dark homosapien emotions with eastern qawwali fusions, rock music, alternative genre with western classical styles.

Black Hole was formed in 2007 by Osama Jabbar aka ojk .Osama jabbar alwayz wanted to do something different musically.He alwayz had a passion of developing new music styles because of his international experiences musically as a guitartist.Hence he asked DJ MAAN, who is currently residing in the U.S.(Houston) to join his band.The man has been a DJ in the U.S. for the past 10 years.He also did a lot of work on houston radio and house parties.He’s been famous for making the house alive at any gig/party with rap, techno and trance-fusional music. Eventually both the members were joined in by Moazam Khan to join their band as a vocalist who lived in Hong kong for 8 years through out.Moazam Khan was a vocalist in one of the pubs in hong kong with a chinese rock band.Hence he joined hands with osama jabbar and DJ MAAN as their band’s vocalist/lyricist.

OSAMA JABBAR: The man behind the formation of black hole band.He was previously lead guitarist in a band called ZIQ which split later on.The man has slashed all the leads/rhythym guitars on QIN AI DE(DEAD DARLING) along with WANG YI, a chinese session player.Osama is now working on the whole album of black hole band.Osama has been famous for his flaring leads in live sessions. He’s known to be a “HARDCORE LIVE MAN” in all of his X bands.

MOAZAM KHAN: The Vocalist of the band who is known to be the “POWER HOUSE” in his previous bands in hong kong fuses his western style vocals with qawwali and rock.A man with high emotions and tough past experiences who has seen life really closely.His vocals and lyrics are inspiration with his life and past experiences.

SYED USMAN IQBAL: The DJ of the band who is known to be the “NUCLEAR BOMB” of any gig.The man has been famous for nuking parties with his heavy Techno, Rap and trans-fusional music.He was also a DJ on Houston Radio. He’s the mercury that blends osama’s guitar riffs with the vocals of Khan. Usman iqbal is also known as “DJ Maan”. He’s also the promoter and advertising manager of the Black Hole band.

BLACK HOLE band will be launching their first video in August as planned.


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