Faraz Anwar Will NOT Be Playing In Guitar Idol Finals At London

May 22, 2009

Faraz Anwar made it to the list of top 4 in Guitar Idol. He was selected for the finals where he had to play live at the London. Unfortunately he had issues with the VISA and UK had been bitch in the case. They REALLY thought that Faraz Anwar could be one of those Talibans and faked to be a guitarist to reach London and that he might have had a guitar case like the one in desperado. I feel really sorry about it. He also has to go for studies after the summers this year I really hope they don’t screw that now. Faraz Anwar has been really polite even after that. James Edwards the organiser of Guitar Idol has expressed his sorrows and regreted the abscene of Faraz Anwar. It’s really bad and heartbreaking news. Few other contestants left hate comments for Faraz Anwar for being a Pakistani and said that he cheated in the competition. James clarified the situation and said that Faraz had third most unique pageviews which proves that there was no chance of foul play in it. He placed fourth even though he had third most pageviews which means one of the top three played foul though. This is the goodbye note by Rameez on behalf of Faraz Anwar and I really feel proud at their politness even after what happened.