Nabil Qizilbash – Jaan Lay [KM Exclusive]


  • Download: Jaan Lay
  • About Nabil Qizilbash
    Nabil Qizilbash is a lahore-based singer/songwriter/musician who has currently released his debut track jaanlay from an upcoming album. the album consists of a select group of songs nabil wrote in different stages of his college/school years. some songs are in urdu whereas others are sung in english.

    Nabil’s journey began in middle school when he started a band with his classmates and began performing in talent shows. After encouragment from nabil’s friends, he began to write songs; most of them are about his family, personal experiences, dreams, and inner guilts.

    Nabil’s work evolved during his college years in the us. musician friends he made along the way, taught him tricks of the trade and encouraged him to work on his talent. learning from everyone and everything around him, nabil began to get creative. Nabil is now making a sound he can call his own.

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