Aamir Zaki makes a comeback with Gumby and Omran Shafique also playing at Summer Jam

June 30, 2009

SB_Aamir-ZakiThe legendary guitar player of Pakistan is back. Aamir Zaki performed on Sunday at PACC with Gumby, Omran Shafique, Yasir Qureshi of ADP and Khalid Khan. Singers Sheldon and Sara Memon also featured but this night was all about the guitars Omran Shafique, who swaggered onto the stage to face a horde of screaming fans, introduced Aamir on the stage. His first song was ‘Slow Blue Jams’, which left the audience swaying in their seats, after which he performed ‘Feeling Alright’ with Sheldon. The crowd was ecstatic that one of the most beloved musicians of all times was back.
Talking to Instep Today Zaki said, ” I’ve been out of the music scene for a very long time, and I do realise that which is why I’m coming up with three new records for my fans. The music I’m working on is very different from the what I’ve done before and I hope that the masses give me a positive response like they did before.”

SB_OmranAamir Zaki’s last album was Rough Cut with Hadiqa that found a niche audience but couldn’t sell massively because it was in English. What he can do on guitars makes you sit up and watch. When Omran Shafique and Aamir Zaki jammed together on the Stevie Wonder hit ‘Superstition’ their improvisation was out of this world. Throw in Gumby’s drums, Khalid Khan’s groovy bass lines and Yasir letting lose on the darbuka and you have a night of magic. It was a packed house and the crowd went crazy… so what if they refused to play Michael Jackson. When the crowd insisted that they do, Omran quieted them with a question “Who’s Michael Jackson?”

And with the force of their collective sound on stage, no one really cared.