Ali Zafar – We have to explore our roots and it can be done via music

June 26, 2009

Ali-Zafar“We have to explore our roots and it can be done via music.” – Ali Zafar

These days Ali Zafar has been busy. But it isn’t just music that is taking his time. Ali is exploring Eastern music and reading up on Sufism. The hint of this influence was first felt last year when Ali Zafar belted out a rendition of ‘Allah Hoo’ at Coke Studio first season. This time the echoes are more poignant as Ali sings once more on the second season of Coke Studio later this week.

“I have nothing against Western music. I am a fan. But for the last two years I’ve been looking into our own culture, music, poetry because it’s important to know where we come from.”

Ali’s tryst with this music hasn’t gone unnoticed. The producers of Coke Studio, Rohail and Umber Hyatt agree.

“Ali went through some kind of a change after last year at Coke Studio,” says Umber Hyatt. Producer and husband Rohail also holds similar view.

“Ali is looking for something,” says Rohail.

“Everything at Coke Studio two, from the songs to the clothes – its about exploring our roots and it can be done via music,” says Ali while speaking with Instep Today.

Coke Studio was the beginning for Ali and this year he has quite a few tricks up his sleeves which will be unveiled on our television screens in the coming weeks.

So watch out for Ali Zafar this week. The ‘Masty’ boy has grown up and become a man!