eP’s Absence From Comeback Concert Sparks Violence – Organizers to Blame

The article below is a guest post by one of my friends, Awais Imran.

ep_qayaasIn a completely unexpected shock to dedicated fans, one of Pakistan’s most popular rock bands: entityParadigm, who were going to make the long-awaited comeback on 28th of June ’09, did not play at their gig at the concert held last night at Lok Virsa open theater, Islamabad.

Concert-goers were highly frustrated. Fans of the rock band had patiently waited till midnight. However, after being told to wait for 20 minutes at approximately 12:30AM, the crowd resorted to breaking the music equipment including Qayaas’ drum-kit, the speaker system and the stage itself.

In response to the violence, Fawad Afzal Khan of eP responded by stating, “it is due to miss management of the organizers eP was not able to perform tonight. Hoping for a true concert really soon! Sorry everyone…”

In another statement from his Facebook profile, Fawad stated, “Managment didnt let us preform and were screwed up.. We were ready, but they caused issues”

The questions that all fans are asking is why wouldn’t the organizers of the concert let a rock band such Entity Paradigm, in their long-awaited come back, perform at such an important occasion.

One fan by the name of Junaid said that he called and inquired Hassan Khalid, (the band manager) about why eP were not performing at the concert. In reply, Hassan Khalid allegedly said they were not being paid by the organizers even though they were ready to perform.

eP had come all the way from Lahore to play in Islamabad. If Junaid and Hassan Khalid are to be believed, the organizers were to blame. They say that this was more so evident when one could see that there was little to no security at the concert. The organizers were the first to leave the area when the crowd became violent.

“We were ready, but they caused issues” is, in the minds of all fans, a statement that just cannot be justified.

For further information, visit entityParadigm’s Facebook group or have a look at Fawad Afzal’s fan page