Hadiqa Kiani and Rohail Hyatt praise Zeb and Haniya

Hadiqa Kiani and Rohail Hyatt praise Zeb and Haniya!

Within a span of a very short period, the one-album old duo of Zeb and Haniya has managed to leave their mark on everyone. Zeb and Haniya, who are also a part of Coke Studio season two, have bowled over producer Rohail HyattSB_Hadiqa. Speaking with Instep, Rohail said, “Haniya knows her sound and Zeb knows what she wants. They’ll be a big asset to the music for a long time to come. Professionally, they are very good. Even as people, just the way they are… what an amazing encounter!”

And Rohail Hyatt isn’t the only one. Now on the comeback, the iconic Hadiqa Kiani was also full of praise for Zeb and Haniya while speaking with Instep Today at the press launch of her album, Aasmaan.

SB_Rohail“Zeb and Haniya are very good. They are true musicians. When you listen to their album, it is clear that what they sing comes from within. They are refreshing and unique. I like them,” she said.
Both Hadiqa and Rohail view Zeb and Haniya as an asset to the industry. Their inclusion at Coke Studio was definitely worth mentioning. After all, amidst the male-dominated music industry, Zeb and Haniya were refreshing. And hopes that next year Hadiqa Kiani joins Coke Studio too!