Latest Update on Kaavish’s debut album ‘Gunkali’

June 22, 2009

A personal message from Jaffer and Maaz

Hey ,
Hope all of you are doing well . We thought it was time to let you know why we still haven’t put out the album , we’re sure most of you are probably not even interested in knowing , as we’ve made too many promises and hardly ever kept any . Unfortunately , all our promises before last year weren’t kept as we were constantly trying to make the album sound as good as possible . But late last year , we got done with the album and the video , and early this year , they were ready to be out there . Ever since then , we’ve been hearing from the Record Label how they’ll put them out there soon . Call it the biased system of our industry , or lack of keeping promises , whatever it is , i guess it all boils down to the fact that we owe you an apology for the delay , but are grateful at the same time for the patience you’ve shown alongside the undying support . We are still unsure of the release of the album , but just have our fingers crossed and are hoping that it will be soon .

Thank you so much ,
God Bless .


Source: Kaavish’s Notes | Facebook