Aamir Zaki – “I wrote ‘Mera Pyar’ because I was in love.”

July 15, 2009

Aamir-ZakiThe ever reclusive Aamir Zaki recently resurfaced alongside Omran Shafique, Gumby, Khalid Khan and a few others in a summer jam gig. Think of Aamir Zaki, and the ability to make guitars dance, mourn and fly with a natural instinct and style isn’t the only thing that comes to mind. His super-hit cult favourite, a blast from the rollicking nineties, the single ‘Mera Pyar’ always finds a way to our hearts. After all, this was the song that brought Aamir from an extraordinaire session player into the minds of those who relied on good ol’ television for music. And it was then when we took another look at Aamir Zaki and decided that he was definitely something else.

Speaking with Instep Today at the summer jam gig, Aamir revealed the sentiment behind his famous tune, “I have to be in love to write about love. When I wrote ‘Mera Pyar’ I was in love. Otherwise it’s very hard to write about something, which you don’t even feel. Now that’s hypocrisy.” And we agree. Music is always more exciting when it’s personal. That gives it a sharper and more poignant edge.

As for Aamir’s current music, that remains a mystery even today. After Rough Cut, Aamir went AWOL but in between he wrote some new material, destroyed old patterns and is working on something.

“I never went away from playing and a commercial success of a video or two is not a comeback in my opinion. It’s the question if the audience is ready for the new style of music or not,” says Aamir.

Enough has been said about the gig. And the buzz was Aamir Zaki, the man who is iconic and as elusive as ever. What remains to be seen is if it the overwhelming response from the crowd and the musicians at the summer gig will prove to be the catalyst in the Aamir Zaki comeback vehicle.

Source: INSTEP today