Ali Zafar’s Blog – Jazz,Blues and the Coke !

July 7, 2009

Hi Guys ,

So sorry for not writing for so long but it’s been crazy busy. Even now i was packing for a flight in a few hours but thought must write to you guys write me off 🙂

First of all thank uuu soo much for all the birthday gifts. Madeeha thank you for the books.

I am thrilled to see the response on ” Dastaan-e-Ishq”. As i had written earlier that there was an unusual exprerience that had happened and will talk about it later . Well even now all i can say is, that it is something that can only be felt and not described. But i am very happy with what coke studio has brought to our generation. I love the performances by all my fellow artists and want to thank them and the entire team of coke studio for giving our people including me something to be proud of besides the 20 20 world cup ! 🙂

…. And did you see that ! i made some videos from my phone while we were busting those stumps and my friends screaming with joy and bouncing off the walls. Will try to upload some day ! way to go Pak team !

There is so much to write . Too little time .

Oh and ofcourse the shift in brand. The blues and the Jazz ! Well i could assume that people would be shocked and confused and contrive various stories as to how and why it happened . Well hear it from the horses mouth.

I had worked for telenor with dedication and sincerity that even they would vouch for and we shared a mutually benificial relationship for 3 years. But recently my last contract expired with them and i was offered a new one from Mobilink . Simple !

Now i am also for the opinion that had the campaign come a few weeks or months later, it would’ve been easier to understand the dynamics but since i was flying out of the country to tour so we were only left with shooting the add before i left which meant asap . But i wish all the best to Telenor and it’s team and a happy farewell. Infact i would also like to appreciate those young boys and girls spending timeless hours at call centres and various other jobs, be it any brand, and hope that one day all those youngsters grow up to have their own companies 🙂 As for the future … get ready to Jazz up !

See some of you on the Toronto show on the 12th ! Happy living .