Cover of Wasey Naik’s Ajnabi Mausam by Dr. Kiran Chaudhary

Downlaod: Ajnabi Mausam, Tum Mere Dil Mein (Demo), Sitaar (Instrumental)

The most talented man that one could come across. Dr. Chaudhry does not only sing english songs on his wonderful HD quality webcam, but also makes head movements in such a way that it seems there is a string attached to his head. He keeps you in splits with his out-of-tune karaoke and animated hand gestures, that you just cannot get enough of him . Also known as ‘The Karaoke Killer’, his notes come from music from where no music can be derived at all.

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Retired from own nursing home practice
Author of a dozen books for medical students with free access online
Developed horoscope software (free download), affiliate software, others
Developed and manufactured medical laboratory equipment and reagents.
About 1000 songs online
Running internet mall and webhosting business

I Can Never Be Unsuccessful Because :-
1. I do not have to earn;
2. I am known across the globe for multiple diverse activities. If one becomes a total flop, I have others to boast of.
3. Praises please me – Abuses amuse me. I feel indebted to every one of you for time spent by you in assessing me as good or bad.