Ali Azmat – “It is not a love a song. It’s a conversation with oneself.”

August 24, 2009

Ali-AzmatAmidst concerts and a television show – Iqbal Ka Pakistan – and personal loss, Ali Azmat has been AWOL. Even though he released the videos for ‘Gallan’ and ‘Tanha Hai Kyun’, Ali Azmat’s presence has been minimal as far as promoting his record, Klashinfolk goes. But then, marketing has never been Ali’s strongest suit. Now he’s back or so we hope…

The bounce back comes with music and the new video from Ali Azmat, ‘Tera Mera’ that is currently running on airwaves as well as circulating in the infinite world of cyberspace.

With every Ali Azmat video, there is definitely a grabbing point. This video, ‘Tera Mera’ captures Ali Azmat in his element, jamming with his musical crew, Gumby, Omran “Momo” Shafique and Kamran Zafar. And the guys are just letting it go as they are playing. It’s the element one feels and sees when Ali Azmat and his players go live on stage.

The video is not cut and dry. Zeeshan Parwez, who shot the video, threw in some funky graphics, giving it shades of purples and blues while mixing it with his wacky technical touch. And as a result, there is definitely a rough edge to it. As far as performance-based videos go, this has to be one of the finest since Mekaal Hasan’s ‘Andholan’.

The video isn’t the only thing going for the song. The lyrics reflect restlessness, agitation and disappointment. And that is one of the many interpretations to this song. The riffs never go overboard and the emotions are raw and real.

As Ali once said about this tune to Instep, “It is not a love song. It’s a conversation with oneself.” And that really is Ali Azmat for you!

Source: INSTEP today