Ali Zafar’s Blog Entry: Azaady mubarak in advance

August 12, 2009

I know it’s been long but as most of you must’ve heard the news, i was busy getting married to my long time love Ayesha 🙂 It was much more fun than i’d thought it would be. She’s so cool that being married is more fun than being single actually and i would like to admit that i wouldn’t have been half the man that i am if it wasn’t for her love and support. Allah nazar na lagayeh bhaee.

Ali Zafar Ayesha Fazli High Resolution1Besides that i’m off to Houston tomorrow for the show on the 15th and Chicago on the 16th (details of which are shared on our web site main page i guess) Also coke studio final episode on it’s way. I’ve done a new song “nahin ray nahin” .I had written it 7-8 years ago and one day while going through it again i thought why not do this one at the studio.Hope it brings pleasure to your souls. I’m much grateful to all the love that you people have showered upon me for my performances at the coke studio. I try to improve each time for you guys that’s why it takes me time to come out with more and more new stuff coz i believe in quality more than quantity and i would hate to disappoint you guys. Forgive me for times that i have, i’m only human 🙂

Sudeep Basic chords for jaanay na koi are G major with a touch of C and D major with a touch of G note on the last e string. It then progresses to A min for sanchai on the verse that says the “ hum ko “, then G maj on “ raastay mein” and back to A but this time A major for “ dekho jaana kitney” and finally to D major 7 on the word “ door” . These were the chords for the Astai meaning chorus. I’ll try to upload a video while playing it to make it easy for you before I leave if I get time and Khadija relax, life is too short for all this stress. Enjoy. Happy independance day in advance in case i can’t write in between .Make yourself and this country proud ! Love to you all my fellow friends .