Coke Studio Where Are You?

Okay.. so Coke Studio is hidden. Its not for general public and its not for intruders. No matter how much you look around you can’t find where does the fusion of classical and modern music happens. For the love of music, Madeeha Syed, an author of Dawn Images,  is the only one who found and intruded in the studio. Coke studio is an old factory (probably cococola’s) which was abandoned and now renovated in to the whole new Studio. While going through all the pictures of Coke Studio, I came across this interesting picture which shows the studio from outside.

Coke Studio - The outer view

Coke Studio - The outer view

The picture above is Jaffer Ali Zaidi and Atif Aslam playing cricket outside the studio 😀 If any of you have ever seen any such location at Karachi, please let me know and if you haven’t please let the search begin today 😀


It has come to our attention that the place is called studio 146 which is located at site area between lots of factories. I can’t confirm since I don’t live at Karachi 🙂