“Dil Titli Sa” is NOT by Atif Aslam

August 28, 2009

“Dil Titli Sa” an advertisement song by Airtel is being confused as a song by Atif Aslam all over the internet. The mainstream media sites of Pakistan and India are responsible for setting the rumors on fire. It’s our responsibility to clear out the confusion. The song is NOT sung by Atif, however, I couldn’t really find the details about the original artist. Enough proof of this is that all the entries being made about this on Atif’s official fan club (Aadeez.com) are being closed. The administrators at Aadeez fan club have clarified and declared the news to be wrong.

An administrator at the official site says

You would definitely be right.. but there is a slight issue with it ..

Atif has probably got amnesia problem.. he has totally forgotten if he did sing it or what …

lets just respect if he says .. he didn’t ..