Haroon – Ibtada-e-Ishq (Video)

August 8, 2009

Haroon recently filmed a video for his beautiful song Ibtada-e-Ishq in California. The performance sequence of Haroon performing with the band was shot at a cliff top in the stunning beach town of Malibu. The story part was shot at various locations in West Hollywood. The video stars two successful LA models. The male lead is Brandon Stoughton who is a top Hollywood model and actor. He recently played the lead in Britney Spears super-hit video Womanizer and will be starring in his first Hollywood film next year.

The female lead, Ayesha Khan, is tall, striking and beautiful. She is a LA model who has modeled in high profile advertisements for Nike and Adidas. Although she is of Pakistani descent she is unknown in Pakistan but is much sought after in LA and is signed to a major LA modeling agency.

The storyline for the video is controversial to a degree. A girl (Ayesha Khan) living with her conservative Pakistani family in America sneaks out to go on a date with her white American boyfriend (Brandon Stoughton). Despite the cultural, racial and religious differences they truly love each other. The girl is torn between the two cultures, the one she grew up in in the US and the one her parents belong to. She has to make the choice between following her heart and true love or following her traditional family values and doing what her parents think is best for her.

The parents catch her sneaking back home that night and all hell breaks loose. They can never accept their daughter with a white American boy. They immediately book a one way ticket back to Pakistan. The girl is devastated but she realizes she either has the choice to get on that plane and never see her love again or take a drastic course of action by running away with him to leave her old life behind. You will have to see the video to see which choice she makes.

The talented director of this video is Hollywood based Vatez. Not only was he the Director of the video but also the Director of Photography handling the highly sophisticated and cutting edge Red One camera himself. The expensive Red One camera is the camera of choice for high profile Hollywood movies lately including Night at the Museum (Smithsonian), Che a revolutionary road, My Bloody Valentine 3D, Jumper, District 9 and many others.

Vatez has been behind the camera on a number of high profile videos including Goo Goo dolls video for the first Transformers movie. The video was edited by Robert Lee.

Haroons song Ibtada-e-Ishq borrows the poetry of Mir Taki Mir for the infectious chorus.
Ibtada-e-ishq hai rota hai kya,
Agay agay dekhiay hota hai kya

The song was composed by Haroon and recorded and mixed in his personal studio. The electric guitar and bass guitar was played by Assad Ahmed while Haroon played the acoustic guitar on the recording. Ibtada-e-Ishq is the 6th video from Haroons super-hit album Haroon Ka Nasha.