Height of Miss-management by Organizers at the Noori Gig

August 23, 2009

Recently, we reported that Qayaas will not be playing in the Noori gig due to miss-management and payment issues. We recommended you to get the refund before the concert starts due to expected mishaps. Noori did perform in the event but the organizers did anything and everything to screw it up.

A friend at Pakiology wrote an article about what really happened at the event and willingly agreed to share that with the viewers of KoolMuzone.

The music scene in Islamabad is down due to the unprofessional organizers who are ruining the concerts in the capital city. The fans are completely disappointed by the cancellations of concerts and certain events of bands not showing up in the concert.

For the delight of Islamabadi music fans, 3D Marketing Solution arranged a concert at Pakistan National Council of Arts (PNCA) behind Marriot on the 20th of August 2009. Initially the tickets were sold by the name of ‘Jal , Noori , Qayaas and Resistia’. The posters and tickets were printed and distributed with the names and pictures of these bands. JAL the band already had its commitments and performance in the George Mason University, Washington DC, USA on August 16 and their performance in PNCA was highly unlikely.

When the concert date came near the new posters were circulated without the name of Jal while Noori, Qayaas and Resistia were still on the posters. Just hours before the concert, Qayaas posted their press release on Facebook saying that they wont perform in the gig. The press release stated:

It is with a heavy heart that we have to let all of you know that Qayaas will not be performing at the concert scheduled for today August 20, 2009 at PNCA. It is due to the extreme mismanagement, sheer negligence and highly unprofessional attitude of the organizers.

According to sources, the reason for the band’s pullout at the eleventh hour was due to the organizers’ failure in making the band’s payments. The cheque given to the band was bounced from the bank. Things didn’t stop here, on the concert night Resistia didn’t showed up either. Though Noori’s presence was enough for the audience to enjoy but extreme miss-management was witnessed in the concert. There were times when dozens of people were standing on the stage, creating security worries for the band.

After the performance Ali Hamza (One of the two Noori members) updated his twitter status, saying:


Ali Noor, the lead vocalist of the band, termed the concert as one of the MOST dangerous show of his life.


Noori performed very well and lifted the mood of the audience though. They performed eight tracks for about one and a half hour.

Here are the comments posted by a fan on Ali Noor’s official facebook fan page.