Imran Lodhi – Khel (Game) – Offical Video

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It’s been a while since I have had much to say over the past summer.I intend to pour my heart out on this one. Lot’s happening in my life yet as the cynical artist I can often be, I choose to bum myself out and not see how wonderful life can still be. I have completed the final edit for the second video I am releasing. The song “Khel” goes out to all my friends who supported my wannabe rockstar dreams last year. I really need you all to know, that despite my loner ways and often being lost in my own spaciness, I am forever grateful to you all for still wanting to be friends with me, despite my eccentricities.Thank you all for making me look alot cooler than I am :p.

I go into a battle of the bands on Tuesday with my new band “InterAlia”, who also I want to tell publicly that I care about alot and I have learnt and I am still learning alot from.

Still broke as hell, still creating this odd life I live and living this odd life I have created for myself.

Love Always

Lodhi (August 2009)

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