Owner of Mag4you Arrested For Album Piracy

August 6, 2009

So the Fire records is on fire and is tracking down the pirates of Pakistan. Owner of Mag4you has been picked up from his home by the police and other sites are being tracked by Fire Records, while the owner of KoolMuzone is blogging about it. I wasn’t that much of a pirate after all, was I? Anyways so, since the Fire records has decided that music websites of Pakistan shouldn’t get much traffic from the album piracy I thought to make some traffic by posting about it, cool no? Yes, it’s the right of musicians to get paid for their work and I strongly agree that piracy should be stopped but then did Yazdani Sahab from Fire Records even try to comply with all these website guys? Did he try to settle it down with a meeting even? Yazdani Sahab it had to be stopped but it could stop in a better way.

Keep rocking guys. Buy the albums so they may think about releasing the pirates and since I’ve posted this friendly “No Piracy” message for all of my members, I should get away with it, shouldn’t I 🙁 ?