Pakistani to Team up With Sonu Nigam in Michael Jackson Tribute Song

Sonu NiigaamRecently Sonu Nigam, to pay tribute to the king of pop, Michael Jackson, started a project with other fellow musicians around the world. Sonu’s team updated his personal profile and fan page status and an e mail address was set up allowing fans to submit their samples. Out of the many submitted songs, there were six which were chosen to be compiled in a new song composed by Saikat & Shankar. Facebook has been the tool which was used to team up the singers for this tribute song.

Out of the six artists, Salman Asif is the only Pakistani who got the chance to pay tribute to the legend by teaming up with the legend. Salman Asif, 22 is a young aspiring singer who is at London currently for his education. Salman Asif, was the last one to apply and was picked up for the team

Salman AsifOn interviewing Salman, he said

When I saw the status update at Sir Sonu’s page, I didn’t know it’s going to be a collaboration song. Almost after a month when the list of artists was finalized, I realized I missed it. I thought let’s drop the mail anyways since my sample song in the English was ready. After a day I got an e mail that I m very late but Sir Sonu thinks that I am a great singer and should be given a chance. At that time, I was dancing up and down with excitement.

It’s an honor for all of us that are underground artists are being picked up in such huge movements and projects.

On achieving this, Salman said

Believe in yourself and keep struggling. “Many achievements were accomplished by discouraged yet persistent people”. I dont know who said it lol but yeah I believe in it strongly

The song is ready and in post production. It will be released on 29th of August on Itunes and will be made available for download for free. As soon as the song gets released we will try to post it up for you guys 🙂

The sample song that Salman submitted is cover song of Bryan Adams called Everything I do.

Download Sample Song