Talal Rafi & Nasir Khan – Saawariya [Exclusive]

August 11, 2009

saawariyaDownload: Saawariya

Artist: Talal Rafi & Nasir Khan

Talal Rafi, a talented composer, producer and musician, Talal has always taken music as a form of free expression.
Currently 23 years old and settled in Doha Qatar where he works as a 3D Animator.

His journey into music started in early childhood, building a good reputation for himself in the community. But he truly realized his potential after launching his 1st ever track launched back in April, 2006 which was a piano instrumental cover of the song “Aadat” and his project was popularly known as “Goonj” at the time.

This was followed by another instrumental which was composed and produced by himself called “What Words Can’t Say” which was completely guitar oriented and progressively flavored.

After gaining good respect in the music community in Doha, Talal began to realize his vocal potentials and released his cover of the song “Every-thing’s Not Lost” (Originally by Coldplay)

His new project is with a talented new vocalist Nasir Khan. Track is called Saawariya.
Guitar, Piano, Composition, Arrangement and production by Talal Rafi
Vocals : Nasir Khan

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