Virus – Berha Par (Video)

August 8, 2009

Band Name: Virus {Musical Infection}

Abdul Samad: Vocals/Lyrics.
Mateen Usmani: Guitars.
Genre of Music: Alternative Rock
Web site:

Band Virus was formed in the 2000 Where two young dynamic boys took an initiative to kill the monotony of music in there era.

With Abdul Samad on Vocals and Mateen Usmani on guitars Virus has enchanted and hypnotized who ever has seen them live.

Their penetrating Alternative Rock sound, enchanted melodies, Inspirational lyrics and specially the addition of Pure desi RAGGS in Alternative Rock music differs them from every other band.

With thorough music knowledge and crazy devotion towards music Virus after 3 years of hard work has made its own specious place in Paki music scene. Their first album is on its way to launch very soon with couple of videos to follow which are already being shot. Band virus is moving strongly towards its destination and as said by them “Our motive is to prove that music is not all about love and broken dream, It is not a valentine cake. Music can hypnotize you. It is like a spell of magician and we will kill the monotony of commercial music from Pakistani music scene, because for us MUSIC IS PRICELESS.