Young Boy Killed in a Reality Show by Unilever

August 25, 2009

Recently it came to our attention that a young boy, Saad Khan lost his life in a reality show arranged by Unilever due to poor security staff and arrangements. The news were reported by Arpix. They said the incident was reported to them by the cousin of the victim, Mansoor Khan. We didn’t break the news earlier considering it still to be in early stage. Recently Danish Khwaja, Vice President “The Musik” shared the news in his facebook profile, giving us a better confirmation. I wonder why hasn’t the news got media exposure over the TV yet.

Amina Sheikh, the host of the show gave an under water task to the young boy where he lost his control and the poor security was unable to save his life.

The production authorities are to be blamed for having such a poor security arrangements.

Arpix says

Mansoor Khan, the cousin of the victim demands that “ALL CONCERNED PEOPLE OF UNILEVER & MINDSHARE MUST BE PUT BEHIND BARS.”

Mansoor doesn’t want you people to boycott Unilever Products, all he wants is that the culprits who gambled with the life of the participant must be brought to the court of justice.