Zeb & Haniya: You Go Girls

In a month or so Coke Studio went through quite a few troughs and peaks. There were highs and lows. Let’s first shower profuse praise on the delectable duo of Zeb and Haniya.

Their song, Rona Chhor Diya (yes use double ‘h’ you burgers) with Javed Bashir chipping in with his jugalbandi kind of a thing, was a piece of art to relish, a true auditory treat. Both girls sounded fun and at the same time were note-perfect, musically speaking. The number was a delightful blend of spunk and meaningfulness. What really shifted the gears from good to great were Javed Bashir’s brilliant interjecting alaap and taan. Thank God for trained musicians.

Only if the camerawork was just as good! I mean there were moments in the song when the maestro-like Javed was going berserk with his alaap and the camera was showing something else. Not that it had to focus on the singer. But the way the camera was roving about was pretty distracting. It lacked a proper route indicating thoughtlessness.

Sometimes you can achieve more by employing fixed cameras than by moving them like boomerangs.

Then the lighting on the singer’s face made him look like a character out of a Bram Stoker book. The studio wasn’t supposed to be a dark, underground place. It should’ve been one big happy music den. All said and done, Zeb, Haniya and Javed Bashir deserve a pat on their backs.

Source: DAWN.COM | Images