Atif Aslam – “I am not on Twitter or Facebook!”

September 4, 2009

SB_Atif-AslamWhile the world at large as well as the local music and fashion industry is plastered all over Facebook and is slowly latching onto the world of Twitter, Atif is unfazed by the whole deal. And the ‘Atifs’ that do exist on Facebook and Twitter are really not him.

From Ali Azmat, Rohail Hyatt to quite a few others who have grabbed Twitter as the latest fad Atif is still toying with the idea.

“First of all, there are so many fake accounts already. My accounts, emails get hacked. As far as Facebook goes, I don’t have an account because I don’t feel the need to publicize my private life or leave details on the web. I don’t need it for PR anyway,” says Atif to Instep Today.

But then there is the new craze of the cyber world called Twitter which escalated under global limelight when the elections in Iran were taking place earlier this year. The most recent example of Twitter’s reach extends to the break up of the legendary British rock band Oasis. The news was confirmed on Twitter first.

For the uninformed, Twitter is another way of social exchange where users tell others what they are doing. This form of communication in the language of Twitter is also known as tweets.

“Indeed, the world of media is changing and Internet is a huge tool. I’m not closed to the idea of Twitter or even Facebook but for now… I’m just considering it,” says Atif.

Meanwhile the pop star also revealed that he has just recorded a tune for the upcoming Ranbir Kapoor-Katrina Kaif starrer Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani. Will we see Atif in the videos as well like ‘Pehli Nazar’ off Race or ala ‘Tere Bin’ from Bas Ek Pal?

“I’m not sure yet. Things were different then. It all boils down to the circumstances and how the situation is. But perhaps…” trails off Atif.¬† But then again with no new album on the horizon – Atif will take time in making just the right kind of record – a Bollywood tune will just have to do. And while Atif has no need for immediate PR, he just might join Facebook or Twitter after all.

Source: Instep Today