Imran Lodhi – Live in Concert (Videos)

Opening for a local Pakistani band “Bad Signal”,this small fun show was when I brought out a new blue semi hollow Dan Electro (my 3rd purchased guitar ever), and had officially completed only 3 of the 5 “Snowman’s Journey ” songs. Due to changes in artistic direction (failure at electronic music :P), I gave up on the remaining 2 snowman songs, and there is a different version of “Snowman” played at this show.

Incomplete versions can be heard at Imran Lodhi’s Myspace Page
I also brought back what could be the biggest,possibly my only hit in Pakistan “Is Tanhai Ko”. This song was like, HUUUUGE,….um seriously…:P
I hope to indulge in some BASS guitar on September the 3rd at the OAP, old school Mcgill festivities ariiiiighhhht.

Check the event out here.

These sessions are dedicated to the Khalids (Adnan and Hira), a wondefully artistic family who have often in their own indirect way convinced me that it’s ok to suffer for your music and you should just keep doing, what you love doing :).

Taking it Easy/ And yet not really