Mauj, Another Victim of Record Labels of Pakistan

September 6, 2009

Almost about 4 months ago, Mauj released it’s debut album, “Now in Technicolor” on Amazon and Itunes, and Facebook messaged the fans that

“Pakistan will have to wait unfortunately until Fire Records decides to release it”

We thought that the delay might mean that album will release in a month or so, which would involve the paperwork and sponsors etc. Today, In an interview with Dawn Images, Omran Shafique talked about his album delay and the venture called Kostal. Omran says

The point is that the label isn’t even telling me what the release status is, whether they will release it or not, and that is incredibly frustrating.

He added that’s how its going to be in Pakistan and that’s why more and more musicians look forward to sell their music through itunes

more and more musicians will end up going through Amazon and iTunes, simply because it gives the control and the profit to musicians rather than record labels.

This is not the first time in last few months, we are seeing the damage being done to the musicians of Pakistan for the sake of business, which is a great discouragement. Omran says

Being a musician in Pakistan is not about making money, you do it to make music and that’s about it.

As, Mauj stated Fire Records was going to be the record label in it’s case. The name of Mauj can also be found in the list called “Fire Family” on the official website of Fire Records, which means some agreement has been taken place already. However, the album is still not being displayed in the “Forth Coming” album slideshow on the official website.