Bilal Lashari – Hotstepper of the week

October 11, 2009

Bilal LashariThe most noticeable music video of this year (yet) has been directed (once again) by none other than Bilal Lashari and it’s for the Mekaal Hasan Band. ‘Chal Bulleya‘ is a narrative depiction of the seven deadly sins and Lashari has boxed a celebrity in almost each vice. With an opening shot of the band –Mekaal Hasan with newly straightened, almost bonded hair – the story moves on to a hotel floor where a uniformed Juggan Kazim is wheeling room service from door to door. Each door opens to one sin or another, starting with a ‘vanity’ entrenched Aaminah Haq and ending with a greed impersonating Meera, who is shown rolling around in a bath tub of money. These are two of the strongest portrayals, along with the aggressively graphic depiction of ‘gluttony’ through Ahmad Butt who has been given an extra pair of arms to feed himself. Other celebrities featured in the video are Fawad Khan and Kamiar Rokni (for wrath), Momi Rana with Rabya Butt and Tooba Siddiqui (for lust). To sketch a story around the seven deadly sins is hardly an original concept – it all did begin with Christopher Marlowe’s brilliant play The Tragical History of Dr Faustus in 1604, in which a man sells his soul to the devil in exchange of knowledge and power. But by acclimatizing it to a Pakistani palette – and that too so smoothly – is something Bilal Lashari has managed to do very well. For displaying such strong story telling and making this fabulous video, Bilal Lashari is Instep’s hotstepper of the week. He can finally be forgiven for creating Atif Aslam‘s ‘Kinara‘!

Source: INSTEP Magzine