Laal Live at LACAS , 12th Oct 09 (Pictures)

LACAS students pay tribute to Azeem Khan (2)Lacas students pay tribute to Azeem KhanLaal in concert in tribute to Azeem KhanIMG_5858

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About the Concert:

(Lahore, 12th October 2009) The prestigious Lahore College of Arts and Sciences [LACAS] celebrated their twenty-two year old educational heritage by honouring their first ever employee, the late Azeem Khan with an evening of LAAL in concert at the historic Al-Hamra Cultural Complex, Open Air Theatre.

Established in 1987 in Lahore, LACAS is widely credited for having pioneered the extra and co-curricular school culture, such as Parliamentary Style Debate, Theatre, Music and Environmental Moots and for creating and sustaining a nurturing environment of academic excellence. With this tribute to the iconic Azeem Khan, LACAS furthered its reputation of instilling a sense of social responsibility within its student body and also for encouraging learning outside the confines of the classroom. Azeem Khan was by designation, a security guard at the school. But to anyone who ever entered the gates of LACAS, he was much more than that. With his natural exuberance, deep sense of responsibility and traditional Pathan loyalty he took it upon himself to be the guardian of the school’s discipline, reputation and smooth functioning and generated warmth in all who came across him. In a sense he typified LACAS’ culture of egalitarianism and equality before the law.

Speaking about LACAS’ tribute to Azeem Khan, Director Nazi Qureshi has said, “Music, as they say, is a universal language – an educator. LACAS has always considered cultural education to be as vital to a child’s development as academic excellence. Today, LACAS is proud to invite their current students, faculty and alumni to salute the memory and legacy of the late Azeem Khan. For twenty years no one walking through the gates of LACAS could miss him; he was always the one constant as the institution grew and evolved and Azeem Khan left an indelible mark in the lives of so many. LAAL’s music speaks of social education through music and with three band members being LACAS alumni, we thought having the band live in concert to be a befitting tribute.’

Speaking about LAAL and the LACAS tribute to Azeem Khan concert, guitarist and band member Taimur Rehman says, “Three members of our band are teachers and feel very strongly about education. In fact, for us Laal is also a means to political and social education through music. The future of the country lies in education…”

LAAL performed live at the Al-Hamra Open Air Theatre on the 11th of October 2009 to full house of LACAS current student, faculty and alumni. LAAL’s performance was preceded by the LACAS music society who staged two opening songs, along with a speech on the school and Azeem Khan the head girl and head boy of the school.