Mekaal Hasan Band deserve better representation of their talent

October 4, 2009

Amna Haq MHB's chal bulleya

Source: DAWN.COM

The Mekaal Hasan Band is gaining strength (and fame) by the day. It’s a professional outfit whose music is serious and meaningful. They take their art with a passion that befits a rock unit, and with a professionalism that can be justifiably associated with classical musicians. That’s precisely why it feels bad that the band hasn’t yet produced a video for any of its songs that could commensurate with the group’s diligence in the recording studio.

A case in point is its latest video offering Chal Bulleya. The idea is so done-to-death that it almost dilutes the purity of the song. I mean if you’re giving the notion of seven deadly sins your own spin, then at least come up with something different to revisit the concept in a creative light. If you’re to show the seven acts of transgression in a predictable manner in this day and age, then it won’t have the requisite effect.

The biggest disappointment of the video was the presence of Juggun Kazim (who can apparently do anything under the TV spotlight these days). The woman is so pretty she doesn’t seem to be cut out for the job she’s supposed to be doing in the song. Again, an expected way to find connection between the seven wrongdoings: a girl running into evil people… and all that baloney.

Then you can’t distinguish which sins Meera and Aaminah Haq are representing. Ms Haq in particular is acting more like a delirious individual than a sin-committing one. The girls’ gestures are more or less identical, invoking nothing.

Moammar Rana looks tense and frows, not enjoying what he’s doing, and in the process trying his best to act like an actor.

All of this is to suggest that the MHB is a world-class group of performers. They deserve better representation of their talent.