Should “Aag Alive” be Happening?

Today, I read some wise words on Facebook fan page of KoolMuzone by one of the members, Sara Khalid. Aag Alive should be one of the biggest concerts ever happened in the history of Pakistan. The concert is featuring 22 artists who will play for 12 hours on 25th of October. The concert will be featuring Strings, Atif Aslam, Ali Azmat, Shafqat Amanat Ali, Annie, Fuzon, Amanat Ali, Rahim Shah, Mauj, Roxen, Karavan, Aaroh, Adeel Chaudhry, Laal, Reith, Nida Arab, Circle of Trust, Seige, Hadiqa Kiani, Shiraz Uppal, Call & Noori.

All the details on the concert can be found here.

In the previous four days, we have witnessed four attacks, one of them being on the GHQ. GHQ is supposed to be one of the most secured places of Pakistan. Even though the attack was somewhat a fail still it resulted in the loss of precious lives. Because of these incidents we simply can’t stop living our lives and things have to go on like they do but “Aag Alive” features 22 mainstream musicians of Pakistan and I believe that makes 90 % of our mainstream industry.

Sara said

well at first i was very very excited to see the entire music industry basically perform, but as i thought about it, it could actually be very very very dangerous i mean think about it people 22 artists performing in open lahore. as much security they can get i mean hello our military headquarters were taken over yesterday!

I am sure millions of rupees have been spent on the event and I would never want it to get canceled, but the event features 90 percent of our mainstream industry with the crowd of over 15,000. So, we have be to extra cautious about it. If the terrorists can hit as much secured areas as GHQ then this target isn’t hard one. I am not the security analyst, or decision maker here, just worried about the music industry of Pakistan. I request Aag TV and GEO to take extra cautious decisions.