Bakra Eid Quiz With Noori, Ali Zafar, Strings, OBA, Assad Ahmed & Abbas Ali Khan

November 27, 2009

It’s the second Eid and not as festive as the first. This one is about the spirit of sacrifice and of course family time. With a long weekend, it’s also time to kick back and unwind. Instep asked some celebrities what Bakra Eid means to them by giving them the following options and got an insight into what these men are all about.

a. Slaughtering one goat and distributing the meat amongst the less privileged.

b. Slaughtering a couple of goats, bulls and perhaps even a camel and then buying an extra deep freezer to stock meat for the entire year.

c. Nothing, I am a vegetarian and have just joined PETA (Protection and Ethical Treatment of Animals)

d. It means stocking up on movies and spending a couple of days lounging

e. It is the one day I wait for the entire year because my family still gives me Eidi.

Omar Bilal Akhtar (Aunty Disco Project) writes his own blog so the man gave us a choice of answers

Answer Choice #1 (Inappropriate)

On Eid, I go out stealing other people’s animals and round them up at my house, where I trick them into thinking they are saved. Then I perform a dramatic reading of George Orwell’s Animal Farm and kill them all at the end. Someone had to teach those guys a lesson (pun intended).

Answer Choice #2 (Mildly inappropriate)

To me Eid is about devious schemes. I hand out little envelopes to children, which they think is full of Eidi, but it is in fact a note that says “Ugly Kids Don’t Get Money”. I laugh. I mean I give them money anyway later. But you know… damage done.

Answer Choice #3 (Safe but boring)

To me Eid really is about meeting your insane family. You never realize how crazy everyone’s family is until you meet them under joyous circumstances and loving them even more for it. To appreciate the eccentricities of one’s own kin is what makes the Eid holiday a memorable one.

Eid Mubarak everyone. Things are going to get better, I promise.

Bilal Maqsood (Strings) is very much a family man

It means a tour de family, paying for a part in a cow, giving eidi, taking kids for namaz, and burning a CD of my favourite songs for the drive.

Abbas Ali Khan is a vegetarian

Nothing, I’m a vegetarian and I’m about to join PETA. Are shrimps animals by any chance? I hope not.

Assad Ahmed (Karavan) is all about the big chill

It means stocking up on movies and spending a couple of days lounging. It also means meeting up with family and loved ones, which I quite enjoy.

Ali Zafar is thinking principles

Actually none of the above. What you see here in majority is people trying to show off their wealth by showing who has more goats or camels and then they keep the better parts of the meat for themselves and distribute chichraas to the poor besides converting the streets into the bloodshed post-war zone forgetting that cleanliness is half the imaan. Most are far from the actual Islamic spirit of sacrifice. Other than that it’s a great day to catch up with your extended family.

Ali Hamza (Noori) is asking questions

This is a very confusing Eid for me. There’s blood everywhere and still everyone is celebrating. I seriously need some clarification as to whether this is a time to enjoy or to reflect upon what sacrifice is all about? Quite paradoxical these two feelings. Definitely nice family time as on any of the Eids. Meat quality is going down though. Nevertheless, Eid is Eid!

Ali Noor (Noori) is thinking food

It is the one day I wait for the entire year because my Phuppo makes kaleji and that’s the only liver I can ever eat because it’s so damn tasty…

Via (Instep Today)