Instep: Hotstepper of the week “Meesha Shafi”

November 29, 2009

Meesha ShafiThe sizzling and edgy Meesha Shafi is someone who can scorch up any fashion editorial. Her statuesque form, chiselled looks and commanding personality add that rare oomph and profound aura onto any medium she sets foot on. As a model she has graced many a ramp and lent her striking presence to numerous shoots. At social events she stands out by her eclectic sense of style, teaming the most diverse of hues, such as a sunshine yellow jacket with a grey top and jeans, to lend an imitable style that only she can pull off. Her unique individual style has also landed her onto the momentous amalgam of fashion with retail under the ‘HSYStoneage’ brand’s bandwagon where not only does she represent the brand but will soon also be lending her personal flair for fashion by designing for them. Her link with the business of beauty and fashion is further augmented with the launch of the global giant L’OrĂ©al in Pakistan where she stands proud as one of its brand spokespeople. If this wasn’t enough, Meesha has recently ventured into the music industry and carved a space for herself in the male dominated Overload. In the band’s ‘Pichal Pairee‘ video, Meesha sports a sexy, sultry and edgy look, clad completely in black and overpowering the screen with her throaty and potent voice. Her voice is extremely fresh and very distinct from the other mainstream female singers and vocalists and the dark grungy look replete with a tattoo has made some compare her to Amy Winehouse.
A woman of tremendous drive, she can take the pressure of multifarious roles redefines what it means to be an achiever in the industry. For being the grand juggling act of modelling, designing and singing, Meesha Shafi is Instep’s hotstepper this week.

Source: Instep Mag