Adieu 2009 and Welcome 2010


Sadaf Fayyaz

Since this is going be a year-end blog for koolmuzone. I conducted a small survey and asked some of the singers and musicians two questions:

Q1 How was your year 2009 in terms of your music for you?

Q2 What do you expect from year 2010 in terms of your music?

Different musicians responded to the questions, shared their experiences of 2009 and their expectations from the coming year.

“The year 2009 has been like no other, with fewer shows and a lot more bombs exploding. Well, in 2010, I expect things to go for the better Inshallah!!! Look out for my instrumental album coming out in 2010.”  (Abid Khan)

“Due to the current situation of the country, 2009 was unfortunately not a very good year.
So many concerts were canceled due to security threats, but we did a very huge concert in Dubai on 2nd of December along with Salman Khan, Katrina and many big names from Bollywood. We were representing Pakistan. We hope that 2010 turns out to be a much better year for the musicians of Pakistan as we do not lack talent in Pakistan but only lack opportunities.” (Faisal Khan)

“I believe that our music has managed to touch the hearts and minds of people. In the year 2009, at the peak of the lawyers’ movement, “kal aaj aur kal” was very well praised by the people and our album received a lot of praise. Next year, we plan to release our second album and at least two more singles. As long as there is oppression and injustice we will continue to present our “baaghi” music to the people.” (Shahram Azhar)

“In terms of music, year 2009 was “Rocking” and I expect year 2010 to be “Rolling“.” (Haider Hashimi)

“The year 2009, in terms of music was pathetic and is going to be the same in next few coming years as our country is at war which has been forced on to us by the Americans. How could one enjoy music when there are bombs exploding and people being killed every other day and all the nation is glued to the news channels? Well, looking at the current situation Abrar ul Haq, Jawad Kahloown and I have come up with a track called “Ki karan dai O” which means what are you doing, in Punjabi. This is our question to our politicians and we have highlighted all the issues that our nation is facing at this present time. We plan to release the video after Moharram as the shooting of the video is complete and the three of us will release a combined album called “Ki karan dai O”.” (Shahzaman Alam)

“The year 2009 was really good as I got an excellent response on my new album Ankahi. And 2010 seems even better as there are a couple of mega projects in the pipeline. I am looking forward to peace in our country.” (Shiraz Uppal)

“The year 2009 was great Mashallah on the musical front for me, as we completed our album, shot our first video and got signed by an artist management company.
In 2010, we expect to launch the band, a couple of videos and hopefully play music, music, music and music and on and on. We hope for the same for everyone. Inshallah peace will prevail.” (Haroon Shahid, SYMT)

“The year 2009 was a bad year for live music but I am still happy with my contribution to it by releasing the new Overload album Pichal Pairee. We have done a few international tours. I did my first TV commercial and I am happy that the commercial was built around me & I didn’t have to play a mechanic or “doodh wala”. It was still better than 2008 but just not active enough.

The year 2010 will be a great year for Overload. We are playing in Saudi, Australia, UK & will be doing a lot of videos. It will also be a turning point in my career as a musician because I have decided to pick up the mic & do a solo album. No, I will not give you a sneak preview! But I guarantee it will RIP YOUR SOUL APART! 2010 will also mark the death of Pakistani exploitation labels like Fire Records, who bully artists & think music is a product! Take your best shot! When there is no government, THERE WILL BE MUSIC.  When there is no record label, THERE WILL BE MUSIC. When there is no money, THERE WILL BE MUSIC.
RISE UP TO THE SHINING!” (Syed Farhad Humayun)

“The year 2009 was actually a lucky year for my career. I was able to release my album “Aasmaan“. From this album I released three videos in 2009 of “Sohnya“, “Tuk Tuk” and my Persian song “Az Chashm e Saqi“; all three received a very good response. (Alhumdulilah) I’m looking forward to 2010. I will be releasing at least five videos in 2010 including my Pushto song with Irfan Khan “Jaanan“, “Jab Sey Tum“, “Chankata” and “Wanjli“. These four tracks are the strongest tracks of my album “Aasmaan“, especially “Jaanan” which has become a massive hit in the Pashto community. Also, I recently did a single for the UNDP and its video “Rung” will be released in 2010. I’m expecting to do a lot more in 2010 in terms of my career (Inshallah).” (Hadiqa Kiani)

“The year 2009 for me was a very intense year. On the one hand, the political/social/economical situation of Pakistan deteriorated beyond anyone’s expectations while on the other hand; I found the soul in my music crystallizing into a clear message. Now on the verge of 2010, I am more convinced than ever in the power of music to open our hearts and our minds – and I hope to reach out to a wider audience, and overcome my fears in expressing the deepest of my convictions. Now more than ever is the time for rebel/soul music to vibrate positively in Pakistan in the face of injustice, fear, prejudice and exploitation.”  (Arieb Azhar)

“The year 2009 in general was a pretty happening year as far as the music is concerned.
This can be seen by the long awaited request of our fans coming true as finally I made efforts and completed an old pending song from the audio perspective and also shot the video in Virginia, US. The Video is not at all filled with blazing female models and stuff, but decently shot with a friend Josh on Violins. It will be edited soon and you guys would see it Insha’Allah by end of February 2010. The year 2010 will be more serious towards working on finalizing my long pending album, but the good thing is that I have found a balance between work & music now. This new video was the test case to see if I can manage both in parallel and it went pretty okay. :)“ (Salah Khan)

“Music is PASSION for me and it will always be. I wish we stay ALIVE to see what happens to IT (MUSIC). “(Tanseer Ahmed Dar)

“The year 2009 was a great year for us as we founded Swaras and released our debut single.
We have some great projects for 2010 which will make all the Pakistani proud. Trust me :)” (Asad Qizilbash)

“The year 2009 was a really good year for our music as we did a lot of concerts. Our first album and first video was released and we got a lot of appreciation. We plan to launch a new album next year and do more concerts.” (Haider Rahman)

“The year 2009 was when I unlocked the door, came out and said ‘Hey world, this is what I got going for me.‘ I’m lucky they didn’t say ‘Go back to your room’ and accepted me with the guitar in my hand. For 2010 I think I want to keep learning and hopefully write more songs that people can relate with.” (Bilal Khan)