Kostal hit the dance floor with ‘Jaan Jaye’

December 6, 2009

Song: ‘Jaan Jaye
Artist: Kostal
Directed by: Uns Mufti (ROLA)

Kostal Jaan Jaye 1It is every begum’s darkest (domestic help-related) fantasy come true. With ‘Jaan Jaye’, Kostal’s hip-hop ditty that first became popular in 2006, we are treated to a colourful peek into the secret life of the cook and maali (gardener) in those gloriously unsupervised moments which every employer fears, and none has any idea about.

Featuring Omran Shafique as the harried cook chopping mounds of onions under the watchful eye of Ali Saleem’s begum avatar, and Taha Malik as the silent gardener plodding away at some grass, ‘Jaan Jaye’ amuses and impresses by turns. As the begum sounds off the cook and throws one last disdainful look at her maali before clicking off on her turquoise heels; we know we’re in for a fun ride as soon as the cook pours himself a glass of something tall and cool, and the opening bars of ‘Jaan Jaye’ hit our ears.

Kostal Jaan Jaye 2The air-conditioning is turned on and the television flipped to a Sanam Agha fashion show. Viewed through the red glass of their poison (which we presume is Rooh Afza) the beautiful models strut right off screen and straight into the living room that is now Omran and Taha’s.

We are now transported to the rose-tinted world where previously unattainable girls seem to want nothing more to hang around Omran and Taha as they talk, laugh and dance (the video features some of the prettiest faces in fashion and entertainment including Sanam Saeed, Tara Mehmood, Anisa Sheikh, Merium Azmi and Nida Butt.) The cook and maali of the real world themselves are now the pimpin’ kings of this castle.

What makes ‘Jaan Jaye’ so delightful to watch is the fact that the breezy, fun feel of the song translates well into the video. Uns Mufti, who has previously directed videos for co-Ven and Joey Paracha, slides easily from the snarky ‘Boundaries Broken’ to light-hearted wicked entertainment in ‘Jaan Jaye’.

Kostal Jaan Jaye 3It is not easy to depict a clubby vibe in a Pakistani music video modestly enough without it looking plain stupid. Not that it hasn’t been done – Rahim Shah’s ‘Ishq’ video attempted the same in 2006. Hashim’s ‘Load The Cannon’ video too featured a club scene and though that video had its entertaining moments, it was mostly just Hashim pulling his dance moves anytime the opportunity presented itself.

‘Jaan Jaye’ plays the club atmosphere with ease. From funky costumes to the funkier dancing choreographed by Nida Butt; and some great camera work and post-production by Ali Jafri, the ‘Jaan Jaye’ video is slick and knows it!
– Amina Baig

Jaan Jaye was released on Rola’s Youtube channel dhaarmaar and is also running on television

Source: Instep Mag