Uzair Jaswal gears up to be Pakistan’s next pop sensation with ‘Yaheen’

December 17, 2009

Uzair JaswalThe name might not ring a bell; but apparently this song has being doing the rounds all year. The video for the single has been on Youtube for ages as well but it just recently made it’s way onto one of those ‘fresh’ playlists on music channels. Uzair Jaswal‘s name might have just started to appear on television but he is quite the star in his hometown, Islamabad. Uzair reportedly also collaborated with Adil Omar on the soundtrack of indie Isloo flick, Slackistan.

Yaheen‘ is one of those perfectly well-rounded songs that one would expect all radio stations to be playing nonstop and all at the same time. The kind of tune that you eventually wish you wouldn’t hear ever again but only because it was being played around you till it came out of your ears (almost literally).

The song is soft, but has a slightly melancholic edge to it, which saves it from stumbling into the valley of the shadow of bubblegum-pink pop. The words to the song are kind of on the cheerlessly contemplative side as well. The effect is not completely depressing however and ‘Yaheen’ becomes one of those songs you would want to upload on your iPod right away.

The best thing about the song though? Uzair Jaswal can actually carry a tune. He has a voice that is steady and solid, but is flexible too. He can go into different pitches without losing the tune; which is rare in most music hopefuls, most of the time.

The video, directed by Usman Malkani is average. Uzair sings to a weeping girl, tinted sepia. There is nothing seriously wrong with the video – it is simple, but simplicity can be strikingly played up as well. Most photographs or films or music videos that have stood out in our memory have had that something extra even in the face of zero special effects or even a complex storyboard (think ‘Anjane’ by Strings); the ‘Yaheen’ video simply doesn’t have that something extra.

Luckily though ‘Yaheen’ is a song that does not need a kick-ass video to be carried around by. It stands quite confidently on its own melodic feet.

– Amina Baig

Source: Instep Today